Detective Aakriti Khatri, who spies in real life for the people of the film industry | Celebrities spy each other, Akruti Khatri has been doing this work for more than a decade

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4 minutes agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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In movies and television serials, there is a lot of chewing and spying. But in real life, it is natural to be surprised to hear the same spying hero-heroine done for each other or for their children. But it is true that in the glamor industry a lot of espionage is done even in private life and for this, the asking price is also given. Aakriti Khatri, who has been a detective for more than a decade, has worked for many Bollywood and TV artists till now. He did not reveal the names of his clients. But told a few stories about espionage and his profession. Speaking of the profession of the figure, it is by his word: –

I have been spying for 13-14 years

It has been 13–14 years since I started working as a detective. So far I have been working for all Bollywood and TV celebrities. The first thing that came to me in Celebrities was related to Health Products. They wanted to sign female celebrities to advertise their product, for which they did research. They had to know about the three celebrities, what is their daily routine? How aware are you about health? As the regulation cannot take the name, all three are A-class Bollywood actresses. One of these actresses was finalized.

Bollywood stars do not reveal themselves

In the cases of Bollywood stars, most of them do not appear themselves. The other person speaks on their behalf. Mostly they are lawyers, managers and PRs. They come to the picture later. Cases of celebrities have to be taken very carefully. In their case we mostly use our devices and technology.

Have done 40-50 case deals so far

Stories like this come to me often. Initially, the experiment remains, so it is remembered. Till now I have done at least 40 to 50 case deals. Has become a habit. Along with Bollywood, TV also has many stars, whose regular work continues. These regular cases are such that if you live or live in Mumbai, then keep an eye on them, if you go out / leave then leave. They have to see the permanent and get the payment for the month.

Our industry runs on prepaid

Our industry operates on prepaid. Yes, if known, we also do monthly or weekly billing. But our money can never be killed. Because the information we have can be harmful to anyone. We have a simple account. If you will not pay money, then you will inform them by charging double the amount from the front party. Such turns come many times, but we are not afraid.

Parties in the industry will be sunk

Many people come to ask for call details. They say that my work will be done by this only. But we do not give them. Despite this, they are under pressure that everything happens in India. Our answer to such people is that what they do, get it done. There is a lot of party within this industry, if sunken then they will go away.

People make pressure to implicate in false case

Many people make pressure to trap someone by making a case here and there. Such people have to tell that we are professional people. We have to work within the limits. In such a situation, we also have to consult our clients. If someone forces too much, then we join hands that we cannot do it. We cannot pick everything up, because it can also create problems for us.

  • Some detective stories narrated by Aakriti

15-20 days were spent in the model case

A case came to me for a model. His husband was the one who gave the case. They told that they disappear for three hours after telling a story. I know about their entire routine, but they disappear for only three hours a day. I want those three hours of detail where and what she is doing. Now on the basis of going for three hours a day, you cannot say that you will go there everyday. Until you see them going to the same place 5-7 times, we cannot say that they go here. So it took 15-20 days to solve this case.

The actress had spied her husband

I have done some top celebs. An actress spied about her husband. He wanted complete details of the activities of the Husband going outside. My team started chasing them from the airport itself. Wherever they went, a couple of my team followed them there. Couples are sent because they are less douted and work becomes easier.

We stayed at the Sem Hotel. In the room where they stayed, we also took some connivance and took the room on the same floor. Then we sent our clients pictures from their breakfast to the drawing room and swimming pool. We were passing the details of what they were doing to our clients. Now it was his job to decide right and wrong. I have done my work

Yes, I would like to tell that he liked my work so much that he gave my reference to his celebrity friend. They bought me a device. The client who took the device is a Bollywood actress and her husband is a financier. He also finishes Yash Raj Films as a financier.

An A-lister had spied his wife

An ‘A’ Lister Hero wanted to know about her heroine wife where she goes and what she does. I asked him if you know any car that leads. He said that it is not known because we have many vehicles. Well, somehow found out and what car they were about to leave. Put the device in it. So that their location keeps on our laptop. But they turned out to be more vicious. After going a few kilometers, she left the car and got into another car. We had 2 teams behind them. The other team caught him.

In such a case you have to be very vigilant. There is a danger from their bouncers and bodyguards. They may be suspicious. However, according to the information of my client, he was supposed to go to the meeting. But we told them- ‘They have not come there, but have come to another place. If you want to come, you can come, because if the car has changed, then we will not be able to give any photo video inside. If the car was for you, we would have shown that the car is going inside.

I have suggested another remedy to him and said that he is your choice. I said- ‘I send a bye there. She will work inside and will keep giving full details. It is called undercover in our language. They agreed to this plan. After giving assurance to our client, we went to that house and asked about the vacancy of Bai. Since ‘A’ Lister’s house is always in need of Ekadh Bai. We sent two women the next day as mother-daughter who were visited by our client’s wife.

By the way, celebs hire people through agency. But he liaised with the guards and when he told the women of his village, he was hired by Bai. Then every news of the movement of our client’s wife started getting there. But then the woman began to doubt that every time Husband got the news of her departure, she was shocked. When she started getting more alert, we told Bai to do something that would lead to you being thrown out. He did the same and came out. In this way our case was completed.


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