DG Jail of Mukhtar Ansari’s barrack is doing 24 hours surveillance through CCTV, 10 degree Celsius is staying in higher temperature than Punjab | DG Jails are supervising Mukhtar’s barracks through CCTV; Banda’s temperature 10 degrees Celsius higher than Punjab, only one fan replaced AC

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  • DG Jail Of Mukhtar Ansari’s Barrack Is Doing 24 Hours Surveillance Through CCTV, 10 Degree Celsius Is Staying In Higher Temperature Than Punjab

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Mukhtar Ansari has about 52 cases registered in other states including Uttar Pradesh.

More than 24 hours have passed since Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA Mukhtar Ansari was shifted to Barrack No 16 in Banda Jail. Mukhtar Ansari Banda, who was seen on a wheel chair in Punjab, went to the barrack on his own as soon as he reached the jail. DG Headquarters Jail Anand Kumar is keeping an eye on Mukhtar Ansari to keep an eye on every movement and movement around his barracks.

It is being told that they are monitoring all the activities of Banda Jail with CCTV camera. In the summer of Bundelkhand, Ansari has to tolerate at least 10 degrees higher temperature than the Punjab jail in Banda jail. It is being told that where the temperature was 34 degrees in Punjab, today the temperature in Banda was 44 degrees Celsius.

Mukhtar Ansari’s jail barrack will be monitored for 24 hours

Mukhtar Ansari’s jail and barracks are being monitored for 24 hours, according to UP Kumar Department chief Anand Kumar. The prison and barracks of Mukhtar Ansari are being monitored by DG Kumar Anand Kumar himself. DG Jail is constantly getting updates from Mukhtar Ansari’s activities from the Jail Superintendent. Let us tell you that there are about 52 cases against Mukhtar Ansari in other states including Uttar Pradesh.

This time compared to last time, major reduction in facilities

Gangster Mukhtar Ansari, who is lodged in Ropar jail in Punjab for more than two years, is in Banda’s Mandal Prison under tight security at around 4.30 am on Wednesday. This time he will suffer the heat of Bundelkhand ‚because the temperature here is 10 degrees higher than in Ropar jail. He had AC luck in the barrack last time, but now he has to work only with a fan.

This time all the facilities of the returned Mukhtar Ansari have been strictly cut. Ansari will have to tolerate at least 10 degrees more temperature in Banda jail than in Punjab jail. Punjab had a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius while the temperature here is 44 degrees.

Mukhtar got only one fan instead of AC

It may be known that the last time Ansari was in Banda jail, he had no luck but this time he has got a fan. After health tests and paperwork formalities, Mukhtar Ansari, who was shifted to Mandal Prison’s Barrack No-16 (Mulahija Barrack), spent one night a day in Kathni. At present, he will have to stay in this barrack for about a week, after which a decision can be taken on changing the barrack.

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