Dhoni’s hand again: Viru said – nothing can happen for CSK without Mahi, Irfan felt Jadeja’s pain

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There has been a big change in the captaincy of Chennai Super Kings and Mahendra Singh Dhoni has taken over the command of the team again. Ravindra Jadeja had earlier said on getting the captaincy that Mahendra Singh Dhoni had told him in the last season about handing over the captaincy and he was ready for it in advance. However, now Sir Jadeja has surprised everyone by leaving the mid-season captaincy. After his decision, the reactions of many veteran players are coming to the fore.

Nothing can happen to CSK without Mahi’s captaincy: Sehwag
While talking to Cricbuzz in a special show, Virender Sehwag, who is called Sultan of Multan, said- I was saying this from day one that if Dhoni is not the captain then nothing can happen to Chennai Super Kings in IPL. Well, better late than never. Chennai still has a chance. He has a lot of matches left. They can come back if they want. We will see a big change.

Irfan Pathan felt Jadeja’s pain
Irfan Pathan, once called the Sultan of Swing, has expressed his sympathy for Ravindra Jadeja. He wrote- I can feel Jadeja’s pain. We should hope that Ravindra Jadeja’s game will not be affected due to this manner of giving up the captaincy.

Wasim reacted in a light-hearted manner
Wasim Jaffer jokingly tweeted and wrote – The feeling we are going through right now to see Dhoni take the captaincy again can be called déj vu. It is Jadeja Vu though.

Dhoni will be the captain of the team he is in: Ajay Jadeja
Ajay Jadeja was also present along with Virender Sehwag in the show. According to Ajay, when Ravindra Jadeja was made the captain, he did not have any other option. Today, when the captaincy has been taken away from him, even then he had no other option. If Mahendra Singh Dhoni is in any team then he has to be the captain.

Ajay Jadeja had said the same thing during the 2019 World Cup as well. During that time Dhoni was in the team, but was not captaining. Virat Kohli captained the team in the 2019 World Cup and Team India was knocked out of the tournament after losing badly in the semi-finals. Ajay further said that his opinion is, after this decision, Ravindra Jadeja will also be very happy somewhere. The captaincy was actually a huge burden on his shoulders.

Parthiv Patel shocked by the decision
Parthiv Patel looked surprised after Jadeja stepped down as captain. He wrote while tweeting – I had not imagined this far and wide.

Dhoni accepted the captaincy in the interest of the team: CSK Management
According to CSK’s press release, Ravindra Jadeja has decided to quit the captaincy to focus more on his game and has requested Dhoni to lead the Chennai team. Dhoni has accepted this appeal in the interest of the team and has decided to take over the captaincy himself. Today, when Chennai Super Kings will take the field against Sunrisers Hyderabad, then Dhoni will take over the command of the team.

Dhoni was commanding the team since the first season of IPL i.e. 2008. While captaining in 213 matches, Dhoni has led the team to victory in 130 matches. In between, Suresh Raina also captained in 6 matches, out of which the team won only 2 matches.

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