Did the African broadcaster come down on dishonesty: Kohli and Co.’s anger over DRS, anger on the stump mic; Said – the whole country against 11 people

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The third day of the Cape Town Test was full of excitement. In the last hours of the match, there was a lot of ruckus between both the team and the umpire. The controversy started with the decision of DRS, which escalated so much that Team India captain Virat Kohli went to the stump mic and uttered sharp words in anger. Other players of Team India were seen raging on the African broadcaster and they also went on the stump mic and spoke very badly.

This ruckus continued till the end of the day’s play. Let me tell you what the whole matter is.

Controversy started over DRS
Actually, the controversy started with the 21st over of Africa’s second innings. This over was done by off-spinner R Ashwin. The fourth ball of the over was bowled by Ashwin at round the wicket and African captain Dean Elgar missed the attempt to defend and the ball hit the pad. Team India appealed for LBW and umpire Marai Erasmus also declared Elgar out.

At first, Elgar also seemed to agree with the umpire’s decision, but then he demanded DRS. Ashwin’s ball hit Dean Elgar’s pad below the knee. In such a situation, it is almost impossible for the player to escape, but according to the ball tracking, the ball was going over the wicket missing the stumps, due to which the third umpire gave Elgar not out.

Virat is furious
Field umpire Marai Erasmus was also surprised by this decision of the third umpire. Changing his decision, Erasmus also said ‘this is incomprehensible’. In this match the third umpire S. Allauddin Palekar was born in Africa. After Palekar’s decision came to the fore, Indian Test captain Virat Kohli and the entire Indian team looked very disappointed. Kohli was so angry that he slammed his leg very hard on the ground.

KL Rahul and Ashwin also flared up
KL Rahul and Ashwin also flared up after Kohli’s anger. Rahul had to say that the whole of South Africa is playing against our 11 players. After the over, Ashwin said on the stump mic about African broadcaster SuperSport – You should find better ways to win, SuperSport.

After Ashwin and Rahul, Captain Kohli got angry again
After Ashwin and Rahul spoke, Virat also reached the stump mic and went and said – when your team (South Africa) shines the ball, pay attention to them too. Not just opponents. Always trying to catch people. Virat Kohli said this in the context of the sandpaper controversy in the year 2018.

Gautam Gambhir took Kohli’s class
However, former India opener Gautam Gambhir was unhappy with this act of Indian captain Virat Kohli. He said during the commentary- This is a very childish act of Virat. Whatever the outcome of the match, no player should adopt this type of attitude.

Gambhir further said, ‘He is such an experienced player, this act done by him cannot be accepted. When the umpire gave out, you were unnecessarily bragging about the technology. I think Rahul Dravid will definitely talk to him about this act because when he has also been the captain, it has never happened.

Bumrah dismisses Elgar
Dean Elgar was later caught by Rishabh Pant behind the wicket off Jasprit Bumrah for 30 runs.

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