Disabled Driver Beaten In Public By Police In Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj District | The drunk drunk of the uniform beat the Divyang severely, dragging him to the police station, crying and begging pregnant wife Rahm

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In Kannauj, on a minor matter, the soldier beat a Divyang badly in front of his wife.

  • Soldier angry at not removing e-rickshaw, handicapped driver beaten up
  • The policeman got the line spot on catching the matter

Inhuman face of police has been revealed in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj district. The constable Kiran Pal, posted in Chur Saurikh police station drunk in uniform, was angry at the fact that he did not remove the e-rickshaw and beat the handicapped driver with a lot of kicking. If not enough, the soldier dragged the Divyang and took him to the police station. During this, the victim’s pregnant wife kept on crying, begging for Rahm’s pregnant wife. The handicapped injured Divang kept groaning for hours in the police station. The policeman has been put on the line after catching the case. Along with this, a departmental action is also being claimed against the accused soldier by conducting medical examination of the Divyang.

Pregnant wife attempting to save husband from soldier.

Pregnant wife attempting to save husband from soldier.



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