Dispute started in Bijnor for refusing to roam, team formed to arrest the accused. Controversy started in Bijnor for refusing to roam, team formed to arrest accused

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In Bijnor, a villager shot a neighbor in a minor dispute with children. Was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. The police reached the spot and started investigating the matter after registering the case.

The whole matter is of Flondi village of Nahtaur police station area of ​​Bijnor. Where this morning there was a stir at that time. When village resident Vipin (27 years) alias Motu resident of village Phalodi police station Nahtaur shot his own neighbor Subhash (35 years) son Abhiram with a gun. The bullet hit the left side down in the stomach. The injured Subhash was admitted to the hospital.

Was forbidden to travel with son
The injured Subhash has accused Vipin, who is of criminal nature. Subhash’s son had forbidden to roam with his son. Due to which there was abuse and dispute between the two in the past. The injured Subhash has been admitted to a private hospital in Bijnor. where he is being treated.

SP Dr Dharamveer Singh says that a case has been registered against the accused at the police station Nahtaur. Teams have been set up under the leadership of the arresting officer of the accused, Dhampur. The accused will be arrested soon.

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