Disputes of open Covid Private Hospital in front of District Judge Kanpur Poll, the manager said – go seize my hospital, send me to jail | The CMO had brought himself to recruit the district judge; The hospital manager said – go seize my hospital

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The CMO went to get the judge admitted to Kovid Private Hospital Naraina.

What is the condition of Kovid Private Hospital, built by the district administration in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This can be gauged from the fact that when the District Judge of Kanpur Court, only the private hospital succumbed to the chaos. He faced a problem for being admitted to the hospital at that time when he himself had accompanied him to the Chief Medical Officer to get him admitted. When the Chief Medical Officer apprised the manager of the private hospital about the problems being faced in the hospital, the manager’s mercury rose so much that he even said what to do, go seize my hospital, send me to jail two.

After hearing this, the Chief Medical Officer has filed a case against the hospital management at Panki police station. But just think, when this situation is with the Chief Medical Officer handling the health system, then what will the private hospitals do to the common man?

District judge succumbed to the chaos
On Wednesday, District Judge RP Singh Corona of Kanpur was found infected, after which the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra completed all the paperwork to get him admitted to Kovid Private Hospital Narayana, Panki, in view of the District Judge’s health. The district judge had reached Naraina Hospital with RP Singh. While going from the elevator to the first floor, both the Chief Medical Officer and the District Judge got stuck in the lift of the hospital.

After getting stuck for about 15 to 20 minutes, somehow got out of the lift. But during this period, where the District Judge was to be admitted, there was neither a doctor nor any employee to attend the District Judge, seeing that the Chief Medical Officer approached the hospital management. But, during this time, the patients already there told about the conditions spread inside the hospital and some of them started crying.

‘Bijwana hai bhijwa de’
When the Chief Medical Officer told the hospital management after hearing the problem of the patients, they did not get any direct answer. On which he contacted the hospital owner Amit Narayan over phone and told about the disorder in the hospital, then Amit Narayan started getting angry with the Chief Medical Officer. He started saying that my hospital should be seized. He said send me to jail. After hearing the words or words of Narayana’s boss, the Chief Medical Officer was very angry. He went straight to Panki police station where he wrote in writing against the manager of Narayana Hospital and the doctors and staff posted in the hospital.

What did DCP West say?

Regarding the entire matter, DCP West Sanjeev Tyagi said that today a written Tahrir has been received from Chief Medical Officer, Kanpur at Panki Police Station, on the basis of which Tahrir, against the manager of Narayana Hospital Amit Narayan and the doctors and employees of the hospital, Section -166. Cases have been registered under B, 269, 270, 188, 506 and the Pandemic Act.

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