Distributed items of daily use to the elderly in old age homes, said – Blessings of mothers and elders are necessary. Daily useful things distributed to the elderly in old age homes, said – blessings of mothers and elders are necessary

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Former MLA Raghavendra Pratap Singh distributed daily use material to the elderly at his old age home in Naugarh on his mother’s death anniversary. Raghavendra Pratap Singh told that the mother had taught that from time to time something should be done for the underprivileged of the society.

Mother had told that one should see God as the poor and needy. By imbibing this teachings of the mother, on her death anniversary, she has taken the blessings of all the mothers and fatherlike elders in the old age home.

regretful distance from the elderly

At present, the younger generation is making a lot of distance from the elderly, which is a very sad thing for our society. Elders are the biggest guides of our home, under whose protection we get to learn many things in heritage along with culture. He appealed to the people to respect their culture and elders and always participate in every sorrow and happiness with them.

The former MLA served the elderly in the old age home.

The former MLA served the elderly in the old age home.

During this, Sadar MLA told Shyamdhani Rahi that this is a big holy work. People from all sections of the society should actively participate in this. Manager Siddharth Gautam, Municipality President Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, Block Representative Naugarh Rajesh Mishra, District Coordinator Cooperative Cell Lavkush Ojha, Former Block Chief Uska Dayaram Dodhi, Prem Narayan Dubey, Circle President City Archisman Mishra, Former Block Naugarh Raju Singh, Nominated Members Rajeev Agrahari, Shatrughan Soni, Kamalendra Tripathi, Bablu Pandey, Ramesh Soni, Lalji Shukla, Guddu etc. were present.

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