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Divisional Commissioner tested preparations at Karkhianv Amul plant Officials started homework for PM's arrival in Varanasi, public meeting place also ready. Divisional Commissioner tested preparations in Karkhiyav Amul plant: Officials started homework for PM's arrival, public meeting place also prepared – Varanasi News

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  • Divisional Commissioner Tested Preparations At Karkhianv Amul Plant Officials Started Homework For PM's Arrival In Varanasi, Public Meeting Place Also Ready

Varanasi9 minutes ago

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Commissioner Kaushal Raj Sharma taking information about projects including Amul plant in Karkhiyaanv.

The administration and top officials have become active regarding the upcoming visit of Varanasi MP and country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Inauguration of Karkhianv Amul plant is also included in the projects worth crores in the Prime Minister's proposed visit. On Friday, Divisional Commissioner Kaushal Raj Sharma inspected the plant and checked the arrangements. Inspected the site for the public meeting in the campus. Drawn a blueprint with the officials.

Amul in Prime Minister's upcoming proposed visit to Varanasi

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