Divyanka Tripathi Gets ‘Excited’ Over Experiencing ‘Life’s First Earthquake’, Draws Ire

Divyanka Tripathi’s comments on earthquake are getting trolled. (Photo: Instagram/@divyankatripathidahiya)

Actor Divyanka Tripathi, in an Instagram story, said she was ‘excited’ to experience her ‘life’s first earthquake’. Twitter did not take kindly to the comments.

Actor Divyanka Tripathi is drawing flak after she posted an Instagram story expressing her “excitement” over experiencing her “life’s first earthquake” in Chandigarh. Large parts of North India, including Delhi-NCR, felt strong tremors on Tuesday night as an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 jolted the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan.

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In an Instagram story, Divyanka showed how people in the locality had gathered outside after feeling the tremors. “Okay this is very exciting because I’m experiencing my life’s first earthquake… Gali mohalla sab neeche aa gayi hai. This is exciting, just for now, jab tak ke zyada nahi hota,” she was heard saying as she giggled.

While most Twitter users slammed Divyanka over the tone-deaf comments, some people argued that she was not ill-intentioned in saying it.

The earthquake was felt across North India, including Delhi-NCR, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.

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