DJ operator and owner involved in Kanwar Yatra arrested, Kavadis created ruckus DJ operator and owner involved in Kanwar Yatra arrested, Kawadis created ruckus

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Police arrested two people for obscene songs in Sitapur

In Sitapur, the district administration is making various arrangements for the Kanwariyas and is careful about the security arrangements on their exit routes. The same Laharpur Kotwali police took the operator sound owner into custody, showing strictness to the Kanwariyas for playing obscene and inflammatory songs. When the Kotwali police got information about the obscene and provocative songs being played in loud voice on the tractor trolley carrying Kanwar Yatra from village Belwa Basahiya of police station Sakaran area late on Friday night, they brought the tractor trolley to the Kotwali and made it stand. Along with this, the proprietor of sound service, Hashim son Khaleel and operator Anoop son Matru Lal, who were playing inflammatory songs on DJ, took the residents of Belwa Basahiya into custody and made them sit in the kotwali.

Kavadis going to small Kashi gave information

Kavadis going to small Kashi gave information

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Due to this action of the police, the Kanwariyas going to Chhoti Kashi demonstrated outside the Kotwali Gate overnight. At the same time, the tractor trolley was abandoned by the Kotwali police after the uproar in the morning and the angry kanwariyas were also sent after being extinguished. When the Kavadis asked about the DJ owner and operator, they were told by the Kotwali police that their notices have been cut, which cannot be released soon. The Kavadis say that when the Kotwali police got information about Bhojpuri inflammatory songs playing on DJ sound late last Saturday, it was another trolley that had overtaken. After this, when the second trolley reached Khemkaran Inter College, the Kotwali police took it as the same trolley and took it to the Kotwali.

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In this regard, when Kotwali in-charge Rajeev Singh was spoken to, he said that obscene and inflammatory songs were being played on the DJ sound running with the Kawadis, due to which the operator and the sound service owner have been made to interrogate. The same trolley has been dispatched with the kavadis to their destination.

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