Djokovic stopped eating dairy and focused on protein: 35-year-old tennis star Novak Djokovic, the only player of 30+ in the top-5, stays fit with yoga

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  • 35 year old Tennis Star Novak Djokovic, The Only Player Of 30+ In The Top 5, Stays Fit With Yoga

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Djokovic, 35, defeated 24-year-old Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final of the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year.

After losing to Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open on Sunday, 24-year-old Stefanos Tsitsipas said Djokovic forces his opponent to play his best. Tsitsipas is 11 years younger than Serbia’s Djokovic. Djokovic became the number-1 tennis player at the age of 35 after winning the Australian Open. He is only the second player in the top-10 players in the rankings, whose age is more than 25. Rafael Nadal is the second 30+ player on that list. During this, he has defeated players aged 27 or younger in 5 out of 6 Grand Slam finals. Djokovic has given credit for this to his training and diet. He is one of those players who took care of his body after turning 30 so that he could play longer. Understand what Djokovic does that is ahead of the youth.

Djokovic goes trekking in the mountains
Due to yoga, he is considered one of the most flexible players on the field. Djokovic has given credit for the strength of his hips and back to yoga in interviews. Djokovic pays equal attention to endurance. For endurance, they do trekking on high hills in between.

Focus on stretching, all-court game his specialty

Djokovic played 45 matches with players under the age of 23 in four years, winning 40 of them. The most important part of his training is sleeping for 8 hours. His training routine begins with stretching. Some parts of the body are stiff after sleep, in such a situation, stretching helps in free movement of the organs. Because of this, Djokovic is known for his ‘all-court’ game, ie using every corner of the court.

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