DM held a meeting and gave instructions to the officers, the campaign will run under Mission Shakti. DM gave instructions to the officers after meeting, the campaign will run under Mission Shakti

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DM gave instructions to the officers after meeting, the campaign will run under Mission Shakti.

DM Shivakant Dwivedi held a meeting with the officers at the Collectorate on Wednesday. During this, he instructed the officers to conduct a rescue campaign for child laborers under Mission Shakti.

He directed the team constituted that according to the action plan of Mission Shakti 4.0 for identification of child laborers in the district, a campaign should be launched till May 7, 2022 to remove, rescue and rehabilitate child laborers from work.

Will be presented before the Rescue Tax (CWC)

He said that child laborers should be identified by the teams formed during the campaign period and presented before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and age test should be done by the Chief Medical Officer as per rules. The public should also be made aware of the ill-effects of child labor planning through propaganda against child labor.

Please tell that for a long time, complaints were being received that child labor is visible on a large scale in the district. The number of child laborers has increased since Kovid. From the city to the countryside, child laborers are seen working in tea snacks, groceries, brick kilns, wages as well as other works. After which the DM has asked the concerned officers to launch a campaign to free these children from child labor.

Talking about the city, a large number of people are seen doing child labor in the city around Baradari, Fort, Shyamganj, Civil Lines, Junction, Old City, Kohdapir, Izzatnagar, Delapir. Even before the officers have taken action by campaigning against child labor, but after some time, the matter again comes back to the old fashioned way. According to the experts, due to the neglect of the responsible officers, child labor gets encouraged.

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