DM-SP welcomed at the station, people showered flowers by laying red carpet. DM-SP welcomed at the station, people showered flowers by laying red carpet

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The third batch of Tamil guests arrived by train late Wednesday evening at DDU Junction in Chandauli district. A total of 216 Tamil guests attended it. At the station, along with DM Isha Duhan and SP Ankur Aggarwal, officials and public representatives gave him a grand welcome. The guests were garlanded and showered with flowers. After this everyone was sent to Varanasi through buses.

A month-long Kashi-Tamil Sangamam is being organized at Amphitheater of BHU, Varanasi. A group of Tamil guests is arriving to attend it. Among the Tamil guests, artists, students and experts in various disciplines are reaching. Who will display their arts with a close look at the civilization of Varanasi. In such a situation, the third team reached DDU Junction on Wednesday. Here District Magistrate Isha Duhan, Superintendent of Police Ankur Aggarwal and officers and people’s representatives welcomed him.

Will praise the culture by giving a presentation

Tamil guests will showcase their culture, language, folk art by giving their presentation on the stage of Kashi-Tamil Sangamam. Will also visit Kashi there. During this, will visit and worship in the temples.

The DM welcomed the people of Tamil Nadu.

warm welcome guests

Preparations had already been made to welcome the Tamil guests at DDU Junction. Where the red carpet was laid in the station premises. Apart from this, on the arrival of the guests, people welcomed them by garlanding and showering flowers. During this, DM Isha Duhan told that according to our tradition, guest is the form of God.

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