Do not penalise autorickshaws engaged for emergency purposes: CITU

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) has appealed to the District Collector and the Commissioner of Police not to penalise or obstruct autorickshaws which were being operated for emergency purposes within the city and outside during the lockdown period.

In separate memorandums to the top officials, CITU district secretary S. Rengarajan said the livelihood of labourers in the unorganised sector was severely hit during the lockdown period, specifically that of thousands of auto drivers.

Due to suspension of bus services, the general public had to engage autorickshaws for emergency purposes, medical reasons and to reach railway stations to travel to other destinations. In several places, autorickshaws were being stopped by police personnel and fines imposed.

Even autorickshaws that had passes and were recognised by railway administration at Tiruchi junction were being fined by the police when they were transporting travellers, Mr. Rengarajan claimed adding that at a time when autorickshaws drivers were unable to get rides even twice a day they were being forced to pay fines.


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