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Do you have the habit of drinking piping hot coffee and tea? Know disadvantages

Do you have the habit of drinking piping hot coffee and tea? Know disadvantages

Image Source : FREEPIK Know the disadvantages of drinking piping hot coffee and tea.

“Let’s have a cup of tea or coffee as the weather is pleasant due to the rain,” these things are heard everywhere these days, be it at home or the office. The craze for tea and coffee is at its peak during the monsoon season. Tea and coffee are considered to be the most liked drinks in the world. Now that the monsoon has arrived, it is obvious that there will be a lot of tea and coffee. But this excess of tea and coffee may harm your health, so it is important to know how much, when and how to drink tea and coffee.

According to doctors, excessive consumption of both tea and coffee is not considered good for your health. But the thing to note is that drinking hot tea and coffee is more dangerous than drinking hot tea and coffee. Let’s know what are the disadvantages of drinking too hot tea and coffee.

Too much tea or coffee is dangerous

Most people start their morning with tea or coffee. This is where the harm begins. According to news from a health website, if you drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach every morning, then the problem of gas formation begins. Drinking tea on an empty stomach ends our hunger and we do not feel like eating for hours. Drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach causes joint pain in the body for a few years. Later on, the bones also become weak. Drinking too much tea or coffee spoils the enamel of the teeth and they can turn yellow or form marks. 

Too hot tea and coffee do more harm

The second biggest disadvantage of drinking Chai Coffee which no one pays attention to is drinking it hot. Most people do not like to drink cold tea or coffee and they prefer to drink it while it is still hot. According to doctors, this is an even worse habit. Firstly, tea and coffee, secondly, drinking it very hot is not good for the mouth and stomach. Doctors believe that apart from tea and coffee, no other beverage is drunk so hot, so these should also be drunk a little cold. Very hot Chai Coffee causes harm when it reaches our mouths, food pipes and stomachs. Due to being very hot, it causes more acidity. If tea and coffee are drunk a little cold or lukewarm, then it does not cause that much harm. So, enjoy tea and coffee to the fullest in this season, but keep the quantity low and drink it a little less hot. So that it is good for the mind as well as health.

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