‘Dog’ Update: After ‘Andhadhun’, Tabu will once again be seen in a gray shade character, has become a corrupt police constable in director Aakash Bhardwaj’s ‘Dog’

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  • After Andhadhun Tabu Will Once Again Be Seen In A Gray Shade Character, Has Become A Corrupt Police Constable In Aakash Bhardwaj’s Kutte

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Strong actor Tabu has a strong role in the new year as well. Since October last year, she has been busy shooting back to back two separate films of Vishal Bhardwaj and his son Aakash Bhardwaj. In Vishal’s ‘Khufia’, she has become an officer of the Intelligence Department, while in Akash Bharadwaj’s ‘Kutte’, she will be seen as a police constable. Along with the shoots of both of them, he also worked in Anees Bazmee’s ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ in between. It is believed that like Vidya Balan’s first role in ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’, a similar character will be that of Tabu in ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa-2’. However, official confirmation is yet to come on this. Meanwhile, Dainik Bhaskar also has important information related to the film ‘Dog’ and exclusive pictures of the actors associated with it.

Tabu will be seen in the role of 'Pummy' in the film

Tabu will be seen in the role of ‘Pummy’ in the film

Tabu to play a corrupt police constable in ‘Dog’
Sources said, “Tabu’s character in the film ‘Kutte’ is named ‘Pummy’. He is a corrupt police constable. Apart from Tabu, Arjun Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma and Radhika Madan are also in the film. Like Tabu, Arjun Kapoor is also a police constable. Arjun Kapoor had earlier played the role of Delhi Police constable in ‘Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar’ last year. There his role changes from gray shade to positive character. But here in ‘Dog’ Her character will also be in a negative shade throughout the film. Interestingly, Aakash Bhardwaj here has not put any love-loving sub-plot in the stories of both Tabu and Arjun Kapoor.”

Arjun Kapoor's character will be named Gopal

Arjun Kapoor’s character will be named Gopal

15 days of shoot left for the film
Aakash Bharadwaj’s close aide further explains, “Here the makers have actually explored the sense of deceit, treachery, greed and the emergence of a person’s mind when circumstances arise. All the characters in the film will be seen running after money. Konkona Sen Sharma is in the role of a Naxalite. Radhika Madan is in the role of a college student. Most of the portions of this film have been shot. Now there is barely 15 days left to shoot. The entire film will be shot in Mumbai’s Film City, Mud Island and Vasai. The shoot was done. These days the shoot is stalled due to the Kovid cases.

Konkona Sen Sharma will be seen in the role of 'Lovely'

Konkona Sen Sharma will be seen in the role of ‘Lovely’

Tabu has a positive character in ‘Khufia’
Sources have also given important information about ‘Khufia’. He told, “Tabu’s character is positive in this. She is engaged in finding out the nefarious designs of those officers of her intelligence department, who are leaking important information of the country to enemy countries. Tabu will also be seen taking action in this. Delhi In the back lane of Jama Masjid last year, he shot the car accident and chase sequences. It took two days to shoot.”

Farhad has taken over the command of DOP in ‘Dog’. He is doing the same cinematography in ‘Khufia’ as well. Vishal Bhardwaj himself also used to come on the sets of Son. However, he did not give any creative interference. He used to observe the sky while shooting.

Negative role has been gaining popularity

  • Kajol: – Her negative shade in the film ‘Gupta’ was highly appreciated. His character undertakes a string of murders to gain his love.
  • Vidya Balan:- Her character in ‘Ishqiya’ takes up arms to take her revenge. Arshad keeps on using the characters of Warsi and Naseeruddin Shah in his own way.
  • Taapsee Pannu:- Taapsee was seen as a negative lead for the first time in the remake of Spanish film ‘Badla’. However, the original film had the hero in the negative shade.
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: – Aishwarya surprised everyone when she played a pure corrupt male lead in ‘Khaki’ opposite Akshay Kumar.

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