Dowry bite: When in-laws expelled from the house, the girl committed suicide by coming to the maternal house, a case of abetment to suicide was filed 22 days after the incident.

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  • When The In Laws Expelled From The House, The Girl Committed Suicide By Coming To The Maternal House, A Case Of Abusement Was Filed 22 Days After The Incident.

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Photo of Sandhya during her wedding with husband Himanshu Jaiswal.

A case of abetment has been filed against a woman living in Surat 22 days after she committed suicide. The deceased was thrown out of the house by the in-laws, due to which he was killed and jumped in the canal. The father of the deceased has filed a case against the in-laws.

52-year-old Tarakeswar Jaiswal, who lives in Om Complex in Bamroli, Pandesara, the city, married his elder daughter Sandhya to Himanshu Jaiswal in Mumbai three years ago. There was a quarrel between Gharati and Barati over the issue of dancing at the wedding. In the same enmity, Himanshu and his family used to harass Sandhya on this matter. Himanshu sent Sandhya alone even at the wedding of Tarakeswar’s younger daughter Jaya. When the evening returned, the in-laws had quarreled and thrown it out of the house.

Sandhya comes to her father and suddenly disappears one day. The father searched, but nothing was found. Sandhya’s body was found two days later at Singanpore, Dabholi. The father has filed a case of abetment against husband Himanshu, father-in-law Mahendra Jaiswal and mother-in-law Kiran 22 days later.

Father said- daughter used to cry as soon as Surat came
Father Tarakeswar told that Sandhya used to cry as soon as she came to Surat. Sandhya used to say that her in-laws bother about the quarrel in the marriage. Father often used to explain that small things keep happening in marriage. It should not spoil life by getting dizzy.

The father said that whenever he went to Sandhya’s house, the in-laws did not allow him to meet her. Husband Himanshu and his mother daughter used to harass the daughter together. Himanshu often pressed for dowry. There was a fight between Himanshu and Sandhya two years ago. The society explained to both the families.

Sandhya came from Mumbai to Surat on 7 January
The in-laws did not change even after the society explained. They used to harass Sandhya daily. Husband Himanshu quarreled and drove Sandhya out of the house. On January 7, Sandhya left her son and came to Surat. On 13 and 14 January, Sandhya spoke to Himanshu over the phone after her father came home.

Took scooty from home
On the evening of January 14, at 10.30 am, she left home with Scooty. Father and family were upset when she did not return till late night. The father searched around, but nothing was found about Sandhya. After this, a complaint of missing was lodged in the police station. Sandhya’s body was found two days later at Singanpore, Dabholi. Let me tell, husband Himanshu also threatened Sandhya on the phone. All the talks of both are recorded in mobile.


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