Dr. Anil Verma established a new dimension in English literature by writing the 11th book. Dr.Anil Verma established new dimension in English literature by writing 11th book

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Writer and educationist releasing the book of Dr. Anil Verma.

Inaugurated the 11th book ‘Indian Perceptions in Colonel Meadows Taylor’ by Dr. Anil Verma, eminent English litterateur and former principal of Saharanpur. This program took place on Ambala Road. Eminent litterateur Dr. Vishnu Kant Shukla presided over the function and the historian Dr. Ramesh Dutt conducted it.

Former Managing Director of Air India VK Verma gave detailed information on the name, subject matter and Colonel Meadows Taylor of his book. Chief guest VK Verma said, Anil Verma’s dedication towards literature as a poet, writer is the result of his determined journey.

Dr.Virendra Azam addressing the book release function.

Dr.Virendra Azam addressing the book release function.

He has established new dimensions in English literature. Presiding Dr. Vishnukant Shukla said, a person can write through self-study and hard work. But cannot become a poet. To be a poet, there should be an ocean of sensations within him.

Distinguished speaker and educationist Dr. GC Pachauri said, creation of good literature is possible only through the writer. Whose heart is filled with the spirit of nobility. This quality is present in Anil Verma. Verma has paid full attention to both internal and external aspects of literature, so she has become excellent. There is a trinity of power, love and compassion in his poems.

Dr.Anil Verma addressing the book release function.

Dr.Anil Verma addressing the book release function.

Litterateur Dr. Virendra Azam said, there is such an initiator sitting inside Anil Verma who is weaving the feelings into words and putting them on paper in the form of poems and criticism. Dr. Verma has given the same recognition to Saharanpur in the whole country in English literature, which Kanhaiya Lal Mishra Prabhakar has given in Hindi literature. He is Prabhakar of Saharanpur.

Former MLA Virendra Thakur said, Mother is at the root of Anil Verma’s creative power. More than four hundred poems written by him on mother are proof of this. Apart from this, Dr.Vinod Shukla, Dr.RK Gupta, Dr.Shubhra Chaturvedi, Dr.Anupam Bansal, Dr.PK Sharma also discussed the literature of Anil Verma and wished him for continuous creation.

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