Dr. Kumar Vishwas Aligarh Latest News Updates. Poet Kumar Vishwas On UP Police In Aligarh Uttar Pradesh | Kumar Vishwas said – here criminals say we will come on a camel, but will not go in a police car

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Aligarh14 minutes ago

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Kavi Kumar Vishwas.

  • Kavi Kumar Vishwas arrived to attend the Kavi Sammelan held in Aligarh
  • There is an encounter with a cold mouth, the criminal also WhatsApp that we have died.

Poet Kumar Vishwas should be on the stage and he should not be tight on anyone with his clever style, it cannot be done. This time, the UP police and BJP came to his target. The occasion was the Kavi Sammelan organized at the State Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition in Aligarh. In his familiar style, Kumar Vishwas taunted and said not to make fun of the Uttar Pradesh police. This is such a great police of the country that pleads with criminals that we want to take you in a car. The culprit says that we will go on foot, but will not go in the car.

Big Bolero-Scorpio put on criminals’ door that we want to put you in the car. The people of the criminal’s house say that we will sit on a camel and leave, but will not go in the car. I tell the people of Rajasthan, what will you recruit the police. If the weapon of our police does not work, then it works by mouth. Right near the field of reed. The culprit also Whatsapp that we are dead.

BJP people come to my programs a lot, know why
After this, BJP came under target of Kumar Vishwas. Said that nowadays people of BJP come to my program a lot. Nowadays wherever I come, BJP people definitely come to listen to me. He comes because he thinks this one may break the coconut. Stay in the mood to contest elections for 24 hours. When dealt with Bihar, they entered Bengal. Will you win everywhere? Let others chance democracy.

Poor Congressmen worked so hard and formed three governments. One has dropped and he has made the condition of Rajasthan that if the 5 MLAs of poor Ashok Gehlot go to the bathroom, Gehlot saheb lays a chair outside the bathroom that Amit Shah did not take away from the back window.

Appreciation of CM Yogi for this initiative
There is a government of Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh. Maharaj ji is a wonderful man. He formed the Romeo squad. If lovers and lovers meet on the street and are caught doing some antisocial act, they will be publicly displayed. This is some way, brother. People told us that the Chief Minister is doing this, so we said that the Chief Minister is a good man. Meanwhile, a tea seller arrived on the stage. On this, Kumar Vishwas said that the tea seller should not be stopped. The person who stopped the tea craved water.


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