Draft electoral rolls for State published

Chief Electoral Officer K. Vijayanand announced the publication of draft electoral rolls on Monday as per the mandate given by the Election Commission of India and stated that claims and objections thereof would be received till December 15.

After their disposal, the final electoral rolls would be published on January 15.

Electors/eligible citizens who will be attaining 18 years as on January 1, 2021 and have missed enrolment on earlier occasions can file their applications for enrolment, objections and corrections from November 16 to December 15.

Applications can also be filed on http://www.nvsp.in

The total number of electors as on November 16, 2020 is 4,00,79,025 (male 1,97,91,797, female 2,02,83,145 and third gender 4,083).

The total number of overseas electors is 7,126 (male 5,610, female 1,514 and third gender 2).

The total number of service electors is 66,649 (male 64,558 and female 2,091) and the total number of electors in 18-19 age group is 1,03,336.

The number of new electors added after Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls (SSR) is 3,26,824 (male 1,60,298, female 1,66,427 and third gender 99).

The total number of electors including NRI and service electors as on November 16 is 4,01,45,674. The net change of electors from the final SSR-2020 to draft SSR-2021 (as on Nov. 16) is 1,41,631. The number of added electors is 3,26,824 and deleted ones 1,85,193.


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