During the second wave, money was taken in the name of getting beds and remedial injections. Two fraudsters arrested during the Corona period Both had taken money in the name of getting beds and remedial injections during the second wave.

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In the second wave of Corona in Noida, two people who cheated in the name of getting hospital beds and remedial injections have been arrested by the cyber police. They have been identified as Mayank Khanna resident of Ghaziabad and Yash Mehta resident of Ghaziabad. Yash works as an actor in films.

On June 10, 2021, the mother of Ghaziabad resident Nidhi Mittal got corona. He needed remdesivir injection for treatment. He searched about injections online. At the time of checking, a person named Rahul came in contact with him. Who asked him to provide injections.

For this, Rahul got Rs 1 lakh 15 thousand transferred online in his account by fake name. In lieu of this, he did not give injections and kept on shaking. These people used to contact and cheat people in the name of getting beds and injections during the Corona period through social media and other means.

Police said that one of the arrested accused, Mayank, is 26 years old and has studied B.Com. He works in BPO sector. Whereas Yash is 11 pass and is a movie actor.

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