Dust storm broke out in Hardoi, people hid in their homes. Dust storm broke out in Hardoi, SP marched on foot

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A video of SP Rajesh Dwivedi in Hardoi is becoming increasingly viral since late night. In this video, for the payment of duty, he is seen taking a lot from the storm. Everyone was surprised to see the spirit of SP Rajesh Dwivedi, who was walking along with the storm and the storm. At the time when the strong storm and storm had fettered the feet of the people. Meanwhile, SP Rajesh Dwivedi along with his subordinates was busy walking around the city on foot to further strengthen the law and order.

SP Rajesh Dwivedi is continuing the process of walking on the streets of the city to test the law and order. In this episode, the SP was roaming on foot in the Kotwali countryside area on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, a strong storm came. The subordinates felt that their sahib would return from here. But their thinking turned out to be completely wrong, the steps of the SP did not stop in front of the storm.

people trapped by the storm

Rather, in front of his courage, the speed of the storm stopped. The SP, who was walking on foot, reached in front of each shop, handcart and horseman in the midst of the storm and interacted openly with them. Due to the storm, where people stayed in their homes.

On the other hand, the SP along with his subordinates was giving full assurance of security to the people. The SP was marching with the storm, making both the public and the police realize their respective responsibilities.

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