E-rickshaw overturned, 6 women were aboard, 2 suffered serious injuries. E-rickshaw overturned, 6 women were aboard, 2 suffered serious injuries

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Two women were injured when an e-rickshaw overturned in Pratapgarh. Both the women were going for darshan. The accident took place in Amapur village of Aspur Devsara police station area at 10 am on Wednesday. The names of the women are 40-year-old Meera and 55-year-old Kusum Mishra. Four more people were on the rickshaw. Everyone was coming to worship Baba Belkharnath Dham Darshan. The brake of the e-rickshaw failed while climbing the Belkharnath Dham hill.

family members took both of them home

After which the e-rickshaw overturned. In which two women were injured. The remaining 4 women have survived. Nearby people reached the spot and picked up an e-rickshaw and took both the women out. Both have been sent to the nearest community health center for treatment.

The family members have been informed about the incident. Meera Mishra has suffered serious injuries. Both the injured women are being treated at the Community Health Center Baba Belkharnath Dham. The families of the injured women were informed by the police. Family members are present on the spot. In the case, SO Dilipur Dharmendra Singh told that after treatment, the family has taken both of them home.

Please tell that the roads of Amapur village are very bad. Accidents often happen here. Despite several complaints, cognizance has not been taken. It becomes difficult to even get out of here during the rainy season. The whole road is flooded with water.

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