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Plump and defined lips are always a great idea. Whether you have full lips naturally or not, a few makeup tricks can very much help you create the illusion of a lush pair. Here are some hacks that you need to know in order to achieve plumper lips.

– Try lip plumper: Lip plumping glosses and balms are always the first things that come to your mind when you think of a temporary lip lifting technique. These formulas are infused with ingredients that make your lips tingle a little, swells them slightly and gives you a fuller pout. Use lip plumper that helps in keeping the lips looking plump for at least 3-4 hours.

– Overline your lips:
To create the illusion of fuller lips, you first need to make sure that the skin around your lips is even-toned. Use a corrector if you have uneven-hued lips so you can even-out the entire skin on your lips. Apply the base makeup onto your lips. Use some loose powder to set it and use a pinkish nude lip pencil to draw out the shape of your lips. Light only slightly above your natural lip line, don’t go over the top to avoid it from looking fake. Fill in the lips with the pencil and then use a darker shade of lipstick on top of it. Start from the corners of your lips and come towards the centre.

– Experiment with darker lip colours: Just like over-lining, using a darker lip shade will do the trick. Use a slightly darker lipstick a little below your cupid’s bow and blend it outwards with your fingertips. Make sure the darker part of your lips remains in the centre. This gives an illusion of darker and fuller lips all too well.

– Wisely use a highlighter: The trick here is to make your lips appear plumper and fuller by bringing the focus of your lips to the centre. For this makeup tip, once you apply your lipstick, you need to dab on some highlighter with your fingertip onto your cupid’s bow, on the centre of your lower lip and along the centre of your lower lip line. You need to use a darker contour color and apply it directly under your bottom lip and then blend it outwards.


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