Education must inspire us to Work for good of Samaaja

We forget that “Cause-Effect” is the principle on which this universe runs. And that Education is the Root-Cause which governs all other developments. We forget the simple truth that people are different and are born in different nations and races, to different parents in different circumstances, for a particular purpose. And that based on Cause-effect, not accidently by fluke!

Aping the West, we like to talk of big issues of Industry, IT, Economics, Defence, IITs, IIMs, etc. but we gloss over the need for different education for our masses, which need not be Copy-Pasted from the Western cultures; but must be evolved appropriate to our own race and our own characteristics, and because of which we are born here to Indian parents, educated or not!

Is Schooling concerned with producing the best of men and guiding them for careers in academia, politics, governance? As academia and governance, we need serious Reflection on the content and purpose of Education; some ideas: –

Society needs both the actual “Result producers” and the “Mentors” who have the wisdom to think of long-term good of society and the nation; because they’ve been educated, identified, nurtured, trained, built-up during 20 years of education to selflessly serve the nation towards, long-term good.

So, our education must help produce and nurture the “Entrepreneurs + Work force” to deliver results and “Mentors + Administrators”. And schooling merely for BAs etc. cannot make us enlightened citizens, useful for good of society as a whole!

Schooling needs to help in finding our inherent aptitude and teach and train us to be useful to fulfil societal needs and the same education cannot produce ‘Result Producers’ and ‘Mentors’. Of course, they’re excellent people in all walks of life but to a large extent we can say, that those who do well as Professionals, Researcher, Scientists, or as Job Creators or as Employees, do it also because of their individual in-born gifts, tendencies, samskaras; even though our systems educate everyone equally, though we’re all differently gifted.

All modern ideas of Schooling and Big projects, have totally destroyed the entrepreneurship culture that was India and we the educated elite don’t even have the simplicity, love for God, commitment to duties that a common uneducated Indian has even today; and which our forefathers had!

Worldwide surveys show that whatever education that we get in schools, colleges has very little use in life; at best it may be of use 3-5% or say a max of 10%!  So, is it really needed to send every citizen, irrespective of their background as farmer, villager, to spend 10-15+ years of modern schooling; learning the same ‘this or that subject’, getting irrelevant degrees; and then looking for career options?

Who is responsible for teaching the rest of 90%, e.g., the Life skills, work skills, Vocational skills, Relationships-skills; Passion to serve and to excel, Self-control, spirit of Work as service to samaaja, Managing the Mind and directing it towards higher and better; etc. etc. that is needed for meaningful life, free from corruption? Shouldn’t it start from a young age, not after years of irrelevant schooling! The idea of political parties to distribute Freebies are no solution; everyone deserves to get properly trained and opportunity to work and grow!

We shouldn’t forget that every individual has different tendencies and needs a suitably different training, education, vocation, from beginning, depending upon his family, village, vocation, needs of the community and place where he expects to live and grow. Many life skills, vocational skills, farming skills, etc. we traditionally learn, living and growing up in our natural environment where we’re settled.

So, instead of general education, we can be given sandwich-courses to acquire that knowledge and skill that we need to build-upon our traditional knowledge and wisdom, we inherit. It is useless to go to school if I cannot come back and help my family, my community, in their farming or vocation or living.

Those who’re good in studies let them be nurtured for Research, Design, Innovation, Problem solving, Job-creators, etc. But 80% should be helped to grow from where they live and work. There is no point for mass scale schooling, without exams, to produce bad uneducated-degree-holders, who are now no longer interested or even fit to work as workforce and so become unemployed and look for government aids, jobs.

We have to take the best from the West – their science of matter, their organization, their passion and dynamism to explore and conquer the universe; but we must not forget the foundation of our spiritual heritage, our passion to explore and conquer our “Inner World” and seek that pure Consciousness that is the source of all knowledge and love.

As a race we’re not all as ambitious as the Western races; by and large we’re simple, santusht people. Like it or not the non-educated masses only need very little. They don’t want Pizza, or Degrees but are ready to do hard work and get simple Daal-roti.

We the 3-5% educated elite have become Westernized and 20% or so are wanting to be like the elite; but 70-80% are simple, good people, imbued with the spirit of Tyaga and SevaKarma-yoga, Sraddha in our respective God. And, with all our education, we have failed to give them even this little! Obviously, our education has miserably failed to produce the good who can do good to India that is Bharat!

How and who can help create a Shared Vision of education for future?



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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