Elevated Road: 3 places can become new permanent points of traffic jam, paper maps and ground reality at both the ends are completely different.

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  • 3 Places Can Become New Permanent Points Of Traffic Jams, Paper Maps And Ground Reality On Both Sides Completely Different

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As the elevated raid is taking shape, its construction, design and planning flaws are beginning to emerge. Leaving the trunk or approach road of the elevated road, there is only 10-12 feet of space left for the slip lane. From Kesarganj Bata Tiraha, you will not be able to go directly towards Martindal Bridge.

The same situation will prevail from the nerves to the old Prabhat cinema. From Raghunath Bhawan road, you will not be able to go directly towards Prabhat. If the road work is completed in the current shape, then Ajmer residents will have to go through a permanent and major problem in terms of traffic for decades.

Special points of concern

  • Opposite India Tailor will be the slope of elevated road in front of Martindal Bridge.
  • Slope will remain from the old RPSC intersection on Kachhari road.
  • There will be a slope till Mahavir Circle in front of Soni ji nasiyan.

Kesarganj or Bata Tiraha
Kesarganj or Bata Tiraha will be finished. Here a maximum slip lane of 10 feet will be built. In front of the Bata showroom and Jain Medicure or Bhati Studio, there will be only 8-8 feet of space. It will also be difficult to get a big car here.

Slope in front of nerves
The slope in front of the nerves is up to Mahavir Circle. In such a situation, the old Prabhat Cinema Road from Raghunath Bhavan will be closed forever. The width of the slip lane on either side shall not exceed 8 feet. You will have to take a U turn from Mahavir Circle at the point coming from Raghunath Bhawan road.

Old RPSC Crossroads
The slope is coming down at the old RPSC intersection on Kachhari road. A slip lane of 8 to 10 feet will be found here. There is also a drain in the direction of Gujarati school. The three points are a bottle-like situation at the point.

Approach Road Martindel Bridge had to be through: Architect

Dainik Bhaskar, with the noted senior architect Dharmendra Jain, reached Maike to take stock of the situation on Friday. Jain said that in this project of 220 Karad, planning has been done without studying the traffic movement, ignoring the city’s technocrats. In the coming time, this elevated raid will cause great trouble.

Approved raid of elevated raid should be merged at Martindal Bridge. If there is less than 200 meters gap between the bridge and approach road, it will become an extravagant zone. The vehicle coming face to face at high speed from elevated raid and martindle bridge will be prone to accident. It is difficult to control the movement of vessels on the vent.

Remove foot over bridge in Diggi check
The foot over bridge outside the railway station is being asked to remove the underpass. This is absolutely wrong in principle. If this happens, it will worsen the traffic situation further. The lane with Maeinia School should be rammed from the railway station to Diggi Chak via foot over bridge. This route will be convenient for pedestrians, zerines etc.

Traffic will remain under heavy pressure
Due to the railway station, the whole area, business area, education complex, there will be heavy traffic pressure on this entire route. There will be a jam situation.

Things will worsen in the rain
The rapid flow of water coming from the hills and above settlements from the surrounding areas including Arya Samaj Marg, Kesarganj is towards the station road. Bata tiraha is infused with water. After the approach road is built here, water will be filled in the main raid and shops.

There is no room left for customers to stop and stand in front of the shops in front of shops where Ajmer city business federation will start the apprach raid from the collector and smart city Ajmer and Nasiyan.

Change no longer possible
The construction work is going on as per elevated raid construction drawing finalized in the year 2018. It cannot be changed now. There will be no bottle nose anywhere. The alternative route from GCA intersection has been given to Kesarganj, Padao, Kavandaspura, Shivaji Park, Madargate, Gandhi Bhawan Hocker, will remain the same after the elevated raid is built. The Traffic Management Committee has been made aware of this.
-Run Mathur, Project Director, RSRDC


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