Emotion of the actress: Chhavi Mittal flaunts her breast cancer surgery scars, shared photos on social media

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TV actress Chhavi Mittal has recently undergone breast cancer surgery. A few days after the surgery, Chhavi also started going to the gym. Chhavi shared a photo of the gym on social media and talked about it. The scars of his cancer surgery are clearly visible in these photos. Along with this, he also shared his ordeal by writing a long and wide post.

Chhavi talks about post-operation troubles

Chhavi Mittal wrote on social media, “What I experienced is beyond imagination. Today when I went to the gym, I was not able to use my right hand. I tried my best, but I could not lift the weight. I used to do squats lunges, Bulgarian split squats single leg squats and sumo squats before. Well nothing to complain about. I can’t even do anything about my armpit surgery scars.”

Chhavi Said Metal Status Should Be Strong

Chhavi further wrote, “I believe if you cannot be physically strong. You must be mentally strong. So I was nervous to take this step today, to remind myself of my mental strength. Given a few minutes. After all, you can’t be conscious without using your brain, right?

Career started in 2004

Talking about the image, she is an actress, she is known for TV serials like ‘Krishna Dasi’, ‘Bandini’, ‘Naagin’. She started her career with the television show ‘Tumhari Disha’ (2004). She is also the producer of the web show SIT. Chhavi’s husband is director Mohit Hussain. Chhavi had told through her social media account earlier this month that she has been diagnosed with cancer.

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