Emotional story of SRK’s sister: Shahrukh Khan’s sister Shahnaz, who lost her mental balance after father’s death, was in shock for two years but could not recover yet.

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Everyone knows his wife and children in Shahrukh Khan’s family, but there is a person in his family who does not come in the limelight. This is his sister Shehnaz Lala Rukh Khan. Recently Shahnaz was spotted on a ferry with Shahrukh on his way to Alibaug from Mumbai. Shahnaz’s life has been very volatile. Actually, Shahnaz, who was 61 years old, had gone into depression when she saw her father’s dead body.

Shahrukh Khan's parents Mir Taj Mohammad Khan and Latif Fatima Begum with daughter Shahnaz Lala Rukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan’s parents Mir Taj Mohammad Khan and Latif Fatima Begum with daughter Shahnaz Lala Rukh Khan.

Shahnaz returned home and became unconscious after seeing her father’s dead body

Shahrukh’s father died in 1981 of cancer. It is said that Shahnaz was not informed of this. She had gone out at that time. When she returned home, she was fainted after seeing the dead body of the father. After this incident, she was so shocked that she went into depression. Later she was often ill.

Shahnaz remained in deep shock for 2 years

In an interview, Shah Rukh told, “Shahnaz was so deeply shocked by Papa’s death that she lost her mental balance and could not recover from it for 2 years. She did not cry or scream, but to lose Papa on her face.” The gum was palpable. His health deteriorated again during the shooting of DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge), after which we took him to Switzerland for treatment. “

Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana … Treatment was going on during the shoot of the song

According to Shah Rukh, “When I was shooting for the film song ‘Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam’, Shahnaz was undergoing treatment in Switzerland at the same time. Her condition improved after treatment but she still completely Haven’t been able to recover. “

This story is behind the name ‘Lala Rukh’ of Shahnaz

Shahnaz is 6 years older than Shahrukh. She was much closer to her father Mir Taj Mohammad than Shahrukh. Shehnaz’s father had named his middle name ‘Lala Rukh’, which means soft and beautiful like flowers. Actually, he had suggested this name to her when the daughter of Shah Rukh’s father’s friend Kanhaiyalal was born. But Kanhaiyalal felt that the name ‘Lala Rukh’ is a little rustic. After this, when Mir was born to Taj Mohammed’s daughter, he named her ‘Lala Rukh’.

Shahnaz does not like to come in front of the camera

Unlike Shah Rukh, Shahnaz does not like coming in front of the camera at all. She is rarely seen in any party or in public. Her close friends like her that even after being Shahrukh’s sister, she lives in such a simple way.


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