Emotional VIDEO of Jung-e-Ukraine: Seeing the situation in the country, players cried bitterly during the football match, tennis star Sergei Stakhovsky joined the army

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Ukraine42 minutes ago

Things are getting worse after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The war has had an effect on the game as well. Ukrainian tennis player Sergei Stakhovsky has joined the Army Reserve. 36-year-old Sergei has defeated Roger Federer in 2013 Wimbledon.

At the same time, Manchester City defender Alexander Jinchenko was seen crying bitterly after seeing the condition of his country during the match between Manchester United and Watford in the Premier League. He hugged his fellow Ukrainian player Vitaly Mykolenko and cried a lot. Its video is going viral in social media.

Ukrainian people supporting their country during the game
Jinchenko has also shared many posts in support of his country. During the match, spectators were seen supporting their country with the flag and banner of Ukraine.

Alexander Jinchenko and Vitaly Mykolenko hugging each other during a Premier League match.

Sergei Stakhovsky said – will fight for our country
Tennis player Sergei Stakhovsky told Sky News, ‘Of course I am ready to fight for my country. That’s the only reason I’m trying to come back to Ukraine. I signed up for Reserve last week. I don’t have military experience, but I personally do have gun handling. My father and brother are doctors. They are under stress, and are sleeping in the basement.’

Sergei Stakhovsky has applied to join the army against Russia.

Sergei Stakhovsky has applied to join the army against Russia.

Wrote on the broadcaster’s camera – No war please,
Russian tennis player Andre Rublev is currently participating in a tennis tournament in Dubai. Meanwhile, he gave a big message during the semi-final match and appealed not to fight. Rublev wrote on the screen of the TV broadcaster’s camera โ€“ No War Pleaseโ€ฆ

Opposition to the war in the English Premier League
All clubs in the English Premier League and Germany’s football tournament Bundesliga have supported Ukraine. All the teams in the league of England and Germany have also opposed the war. Everyone has come together with Ukraine. Many big players from Europe play in both these leagues.

This is how Ukraine was supported in EPL matches
The match was played between Leeds United and Tottenham in the Premier League on Saturday. During this, the Leeds club supported them by making hearts in blue and yellow with the flag of Ukraine on their advertising hoardings. At the same time, during the match at West Yorkshire Ground, the fans also supported Ukraine.

A spectator showed a yellow T-shirt with Ukraine written on it. The second match was played between Manchester United and Watford at Old Trafford. During this, all the players came together and supported Ukraine.

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