ENC ships participate in two-day bilateral exercise with Royal Navy

The two-day bilateral passage exercise (Passex) between Indian Navy and Royal Navy Carrier Strike Group (CSG)-21 led by HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Bay of Bengal, concluded here on Thursday.

From the Royal Navy, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navyโ€™s latest aircraft carrier, led the group with Type-23 frigates and an Astute-class submarine, in addition to other surface combatants. The Indian Navy contingent included ships from Eastern Naval Command such as INS Satpura, Ranvir, Jyoti, Kavaratti, Kulish and a submarine. Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capable long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft P8I also participated in the exercise.

The bilateral maritime exercise was designed to hone the ability of the two navies to operate together in the maritime domain.

With the presence of the CSG-21 in the Indian Ocean, the exercise provided an opportunity to engage over the entire spectrum of maritime operations including ASW, anti-air and anti-surface warfare.

The exercise also witnessed the maiden participation of the F-35 B Lightning, which operated from the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

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