Enrica Lexie: new plea for compensation

She claims her son was on board fishing vessel St. Antony

Mary Margeret Anthony Pillai, the mother of a 14-year-old boy who took his life after the Enrica Lexie fishermen killing case, has moved the Kerala High Court seeking compensation for her son.

The petitioner submitted that her son was on board the fishing vessel St. Antony on February 15, 2012 along with 11 other fishermen when the Italian marines on board Enrica Lexie shot down Ajeesh Pink and Jelastin.

The petitioner submitted that Ajeesh Pink, who was hit by a bullet, fell upon the boy, who was illegally taken on board the fishing vessel. After the incident, the boat owner transferred the child victim to another fishing boat before reaching the shore. He was not provided any counselling or medical support by the owner of the fishing vessel or the government agencies, she submitted.

The boy did not recover from the mental shock and physical devastation caused by the incident and died by suicide in July 2019.

She submitted that the Italian marines were aware of the fact that there was a child fisherman in the fishing boat.

She submitted that the owner of the fishing vessel in which the child was taken as a child labour never disclosed about the presence of a child victim and the investigation officers intentionally left out his name to protect the interests of the Italian Marines.

The court will consider the case after two weeks.

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