Entire family returned from Australia infected, student who came to Bulandshahr from America also positive. Entire family returned from Australia infected, student who came to Bulandshahr from America also positive

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This has happened after a long time in Ghaziabad when seven new cases of corona have been reported within 24 hours.

Corona cases are increasing continuously in Ghaziabad. Seven people have been found corona infected on Thursday. In this, five people have recently returned from Australia and America. The Health Department fears that these people may be infected with Omicron. Their samples have been sent to the lab of Delhi for examination.

New cases were also found in Rajnagar-Vijaynagar

Dr. RK Gupta, District Surveillance Officer of the Health Department said that the test report of two thousand samples has come on Thursday. In this 7 people have been found infected. Four members of the same family are infected in Gaur Green City. This includes the woman, her two children and an 81-year-old. The family had returned from Australia on December 11. He got a corona test done due to mild fever.

Apart from this, the report of a 24-year-old youth from America has also come positive. The report of two people is also positive in Rajnagar and Vijayanagar. Samples of the four family members who came from Australia have been sent to the lab in Delhi for genome sequencing.

Home isolation of the girl student in Bulandshahr

A student of Jahangirabad town of Bulandshahr district has also been found corona infected. This student had returned from America after studying on December 13. On December 20, she was found infected in the antigen test. On the same day, the girl student was isolated at Kovid Hospital in Khurja. After this the RTPCR report also came positive. However, after the girl’s condition improved, she has been isolated at home. Doctors say that the condition of Kovid is minor, so Omicron test is not required.

Omicron infected couple’s condition improves

Ghaziabad District Surveillance Officer Dr. RK Gupta said that the condition of the elderly couple, who were found infected with Omicron recently, is now improving. Nevertheless, as a precaution, he will remain home isolated for a few days. The sample report of some people living in the area around them has come negative.

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