Etawah Lion Safari Park Will Open Soon For Tourists | Preparations to open Etawah Lion Safari soon; Lions were taught the ability to walk in the open and return to the farm

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Etawah Safari, spread over an area of ​​350 hectares, currently has 18 lions, which will be seen by tourists walking in the open.

  • Tourists will see lions walking around them
  • In 2012, the Etawah Lion Safari was built by Akhilesh Sarkar

Lion Safari Park in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh will soon be open for tourists. The lions have been trained to avoid any difficulty in the midst of crowds and noise. Now they get out of their enclosure and roam in the open. Let me tell you that recently, BJP MP Dr Ramshankar Katheria raised the demand for the entry of Lion Safari on the world map. He said that the only Babbar lions breeding center in the world is in Etawah Lion Safari. Safari should be promoted to promote tourism here.

Akhilesh’s dream project was Etawah Lion Safari

The Etawah Lion Safari was built in May 2012 under the tenure of former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav at a cost of Rs 295 crore. The lions were brought here from Gujarat. But 12 lions died of a disease called Canine Distemper spread in the park. The Etawah Lion Safari Park suffered a major setback. Discussions had begun until the Lion Safari Park was opened in Etawah. But gradually the Safari Park administration fought against the disease and won it and many children of lions were also born in the Safari Breeding Center. Now preparations have been almost completed for tourists to show lions from this month.

Bharata, Rupa and Sona ready to roar in the open ground

Etawah Safari, spread over an area of ​​350 hectares, currently has 18 lions, which will be seen by tourists walking in the open. Trains like buses and gypsies have been arranged for safari. Safari Park was opened last year. In which animals like deer, beer, black bug, leopard, tourists were seen in the Safari Park till now. But now Bharata, Rupa and Sona etc. will soon be seen by the lions.

Now lions do not forget the way, safari will open soon

Safari director Rajiv Mishra said that Chero has been trained so that he does not feel difficulty in the midst of tourists. Being accustomed to congestion and noise. Initially there was a problem in training the lions. He was left in the morning, he could not come back till 4-5 pm in the evening. Used to forget the way But now they are completely used to it. We also take carts out of them and take them as dry runs. Lions are perfectly healthy. He told that a plan has been made to open in March, preparations have been completed.

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