Evacuation from only one turn style gate at Taj Mahal, tourists protested. Evacuation from only one turn style gate at Taj Mahal, tourists protest

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The pleasant weather on Sunday is being liked by the tourists coming to see the Taj Mahal.

Tourists were very upset due to the chaos among the crowd on the seventh wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal on Sunday. Tourists had to stand in long queues for entry as well as exit. The archeology superintendent has given instructions to improve the system.

Since Sunday is a holiday, huge crowd of tourists is reaching the Taj Mahal since morning. After the strictness of the administration, the lap has not been seen, but due to the chaos, the tourists are very upset.

There is also a line to exit the Taj Mahal at the western gate.

Like every time, this time too tourists are facing network issue in booking tickets online and waiting at offline ticket windows due to heavy rush. During this time, tourists have got a lot of relief due to the pleasant weather. Tourists are very fond of seeing the Taj Mahal amidst the black clouds.

One turn style gate each has been started for entry and exit of Taj Mahal. After the CISF search, the tourist has to stand for a long time to enter. Along with this, they have to stand in long lines even while exiting. A video of a tourist queuing during exit at the western gate and closing the turn style gate has gone viral. In the viral video, the tourist is cursing those responsible for the disturbances.

Archaeological superintendent Raj Kumar Patel himself has been asked to inspect the arrangements and solve the problems.

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