Evolve policy on education for State, government told

Emphasising the need for the State government to evolve a State education policy which will address the educational needs of the people, the State Platform for Common School System-Tamil Nadu (SPCSS-TN) adopted a resolution on the same at its convention held on Wednesday.

The evolution of a State education policy would provide equitable access for people from school-level to university, the convention said. As part of the resolutions, the convention demanded that the Tamil Nadu government should reject the National Education Policy 2020, as it aims at weakening State-funded institutions and make students more vulnerable to market forces.

The convention also recommended that the Tamil Nadu government constitute an education commission, which would work on the State Education Policy.

The resolutions also called for the Tamil Nadu government to initiate the process to bring education back to the State list from the concurrent list.

Prof L. Jawahar Nesan, former Vice-Chancellor, Adhavan Deetchanya, writer and advocate P.B. Suresh Babu presented papers at the convention.


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