Ex calling: Twist came in Rakhi Sawant’s love story, boyfriend Adil Durrani’s ex-girlfriend called the actress

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Rakhi Sawant always remains in the headlines for her personal life. Now according to the recent reports, Rakhi told that her ex-girlfriend Adil Khan Durrani’s ex-girlfriend had received a call from Rakhi. Actually Rakhi had announced about her new boyfriend Adil earlier this month. Also he had told that Adil is 6 years younger than him.

Adil’s girlfriend made rakhi call
According to media reports, Rakhi told that she had received a call from Adil’s girlfriend Roshina Delwari. Rakhi said, “Roshina called me that she was Adil’s girlfriend. But Adil is only mine. She was Adil’s ex-girlfriend. Me and Adil are about to get married.” According to reports, Roshina and Adil were together for four years. Rakhi also talked to Adil about this but Adil said that Roshina is his ex-girlfriend.

Adil’s family did not accept Rakhi
In another interview, Rakhi had told that Adil’s family has not accepted her yet. Because Rakhi is a glamorous person. Also, the actress told that Adil’s family does not like the way she dresses.

Rakhi introduced her husband in ‘Bigg Boss 15’
Earlier, Rakhi had claimed that she is married to NRI businessman Ritesh. Last year, during the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Rakhi also introduced people to Ritesh. However, a few days later there were reports that Ritesh is married and has been accused of domestic violence. Later, Rakhi announced her separation from Ritesh.

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