Example: Unmatched: When the teacher saw the children sitting in the sun and eating the mid-day meal, then they got the dining room built in the government school from the capital.

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  • A Bhopal Teacher Who Saw Her Students Sitting On The Ground In The Sun And Sitting Outside Eating Midday Meals, Built A Dining Room In The Government School With Her Own Capital

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Bhopal38 minutes agoAuthor: Rajesh Gaba

Provided dining room to the students of his school before his retirement.

  • Teacher of Government Higher Secondary School in Bavadia Kalan set an example
  • 1100 sq. Ft. Mid-Day Meal Hall constructed at a cost of Rs. 12 Lakhs

The teacher of Bawadia Kalan Government Higher Secondary School, Draupadi Choukse, was saddened when she saw the children eating mid-day meal in the ground, in the gallery and in the sun. After which she decided that she will build a midday meal room for the children in this government school with her life-long accumulated capital. With about Rs. 12 lakhs of accumulated capital, he got the mid-day meal building constructed in the school. Provided dining room to the students of the school before retirement. Dainik Bhaskar Reached his story from the teacher after reaching school.

Teacher Draupadi Chowkse

Teacher Draupadi Chowkse said-

‘I am an assistant teacher in this school. The midday meal of the government also operates in our school. Our children used to bother eating food. Sometimes they used to sit on the ground in the hot sun outside. Sometimes in front of classrooms. Many children could not eat properly due to sunlight. One day, seeing this, I got tearful. I was very sad. I told this to my husband and son. My husband is retired from MPEB and my two sons work.

Then our idea was that a shed should be made so that the children could eat comfortably. Then I thought why not make a concrete hall for these children. Then my son and husband also agreed. The money I had accumulated in my life, I gave 12 lakh rupees to the school management to build the hall. Talked to my principal Geeta Varma. He said that is a good idea. In this way, in 8 months, it has become a dining room of 1100 square feet. Now my children will not have to bother to eat in the sun.

Mid-day meals are given to the students of 1st to 8th school. The total number of students is 288. The primary morning shift has 145 students from 1st to 5th and 143 from 2nd to 6th. I am very happy today. I could use some of these children. Mid-day meal could not begin due to Corona. When the new session starts in April, I wish that I could serve these children with my hands and see them eating comfortably. It will be the most beautiful day for me in 14 years in this school.

It is a dining hall of 1100 square feet, built by the school teacher, Draupadi Choukse, for the children of 12 lakh rupees of her deposited capital.

It is a dining hall of 1100 square feet, built by the school teacher, Draupadi Choukse, for the children of 12 lakh rupees of her deposited capital.

Set an example for the whole society

Geeta Verma, Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Bawdia Kalan said that Drupadi Chowk of our school is very simple heart and children loving teacher. Due to being quite congested here, children used to have difficulty in eating midday meal. Then he got his capital built mid-day dining room for children, this is an example for the whole society. ‘


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