Experts predict possible COVID-19 resurgence, caution urged to stay vigilant and informed.

The main reason for the increase in the number of cases is the mutation of the virus.

Again the Covid-19 cases are rising in the country. It is very important that we again start to take precautionary measures to contain the spread.

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, experts are warning of a potential resurgence of the virus. Doctors have expressed concern that a new wave of infections could be on the horizon, potentially leading to increased trouble and disruptions. The health experts want that itโ€™s important to remain vigilant and informed about the latest developments to stay safe and minimise the spread of the virus.

Dr Sonia Rawat, Director of the Preventive Health and Wellness Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, says that these days the cases of Covid-19 infections are increasing rapidly and the cases are expected to increase in the next few months. The main reason for the increase in the number of cases is the mutation of the virus.

Dr Rawat suggests that though the virus is mutating it may not be as deadly as its previous versions because of the herd immunity. The herd immunity among people has increased due to vaccination, and the effect of infection will be reduced to some extent. However, there should not be any carelessness regarding Covid-19 guidelines should be followed strictly. It can be controlled only through prevention.

Nothing to do with the weather

Dr Anil Bansal, former president of Delhi Medical Association and former CMO of NDMC, says that the coronavirus has mutated, due to which it is taking people in its grip. Covid-19 infections have nothing to do with the weather. In such a situation, people should not be negligent in any way. If the cases continue to increase in the same way and necessary steps are not taken to prevent it, then in the coming times a situation like a new wave of coronavirus may arise.

This time it may not be a serious problem in combating the infection as many people have developed immunity, Dr Bansal said. It is very important to follow Covid-19 protocols.

According to Dr Bansal, people suffering from other serious diseases including diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, TB and HIV should take special precautions to avoid Covid-19. The immunity of such people is weak and infection can quickly engulf them. For such people, Covid-19 infection can prove to be more fatal. All precautions should be taken to protect children and the elderly people from coronavirus, Dr Bansal suggested.

Covid-19 guidelines like social distancing, use of sanitizer and face mask must be followed. One should avoid going to crowded areas and in case of any kind of problem, one should consult a doctor and get treated.

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