Experts said – virus can be more dangerous for children than corona Experts said – virus can be more dangerous for children than corona

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In the midst of the increasing infection of monkeypox in the country and the world, now alertness is being seen in Uttar Pradesh as well. Experts are warning people about the dangers of monkeypox. Describing the effect of monkeypox in pregnant ladies as very serious, experts are also advising to terminate the pregnancy. However, it is limited to early pregnancy only. Apart from this, monkeypox tells the infected mother not to breastfeed the newborn.

Some experts are considering monkeypox to be more dangerous than corona for children. They argue that no major effect of corona was seen on children due to better immunity, but monkeypox can cause more problems for newborns.

Can have bad effect on pregnant ladies
Dr. Juhi Jain, Senior Gynecologist, Fortis Hospital, GK Phase-II, Delhi, told that there is a need to be very careful with monkeypox. Pregnant ladies should take special precautions. In my opinion, if monkeypox has happened in the first trimester of pregnancy, then it would be better to have an abortion.

How better to continue pregnancy if you have monkeypox?
The chances of getting infected by Dr. Juhi monkeypox infected mother in her womb are very high. This virus does vertical transmission. That is why caution and caution have to be done in advance. Although abortion is not a safe option for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, so I will not recommend it.

Be very careful in making physical relation
Amidst the danger of monkeypox, experts are saying to be careful even while making a relationship. Doctors believe that whether monkeypox is STD ie sexually transmitted disease or not, at present, medical scientists have not reached any concrete conclusion about it, but monkeypox infection spreads rapidly after coming in close contact with the infected. Therefore, there is a need to isolate immediately if symptoms associated with monkeypox are seen.

Monkeypox can be more dangerous for children than corona
Senior member of Indian Association of Pediatricians and President Elect of UP Dr. Sanjay Niranjan says that it is very important to protect children from monkeypox. Corona did not have much effect on the youngsters. There is a possibility that children may be more affected by monkeypox. Although it only infects close contacts as compared to smallpox, vigilance is extremely important.

best way to prevent isolation
Dr. Sanjay Niranjan said that it is necessary for the elders to be careful so that monkeypox does not happen to the children. If symptoms are seen in anyone in the house, then he should first be isolated. By this measure, other family members including children can also be saved from the grip of this virus.

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