Eyewitnesses depose in Nikita Tomar murder case

Two eyewitnesses deposed before the special court for heinous crime against women here on Tuesday as the trial began in the sensational Nikita Tomar murder case. The prosecution claimed that both witnesses supported their case, but the defence counsel said there were several “contradictions” in their statements and the versions were “concocted”.

Nikita’s cousin Tarun and her friend Nikita Sharma, who was present with her at the time of murder, deposed before the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Sartaj Baswana.

The complainant’s lawyer Adal Singh Rawat said both the witnesses supported their case.

Defence counsel P.L. Goyal said that Ms. Sharma’s statement was recorded partially and her cross-examination would be conducted on Wednesday. “Since the face of the assailant was muffled at the time of incident, Ms. Sharma could not identify the accused clearly. She said that she was not sure whether the accused had fired the shot. Mr. Tarun’s statement was full of contradictions. He claimed that he was present at the spot at the time of the incident, but none of the CCTV footages shows his presence in the vicinity at the time of murder. The CCTV footage is against us. But so far as the account of the eyewitnesses is concerned, it is totally concocted,” said Mr. Goyal.


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