Fake Facebook profile created in the name of UP Chief Secretary, STF arrested three fraudsters | By creating fake Facebook profiles in the name of Chief Secretary, he used to cheat by chatting, caught STF3 fraudster

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The UP STF team has caught three people cheating online. These people used to steal the profile of influential people unfairly.

  • Cybercrime Cell and STF team take action
  • According to officials, many people have cheated millions of rupees

Three people who cheated people by creating fake Facebook profiles of Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary RK Tiwari have been arrested by the cyber crime cell and STF team. The STF team has found fake accounts of various types of SIM and Paytm and other social media from the accused arrested from Mathura. This was revealed when Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Deputy Director posted in the Chief Secretary’s office, lodged an FIR in the cyber cell police station.

Cybercrime incharge Ajit Kumar Yadav said that the accused used to take the support of their associates to activate Paytm with fake SIM card for the fraud. For this, Gawdi used to get from Rajasthan Circle for one thousand to three thousand rupees per sim. In mobiles purchased through SIM on the wrong name address, they used to create Facebook ID with fake name. After this, through Facebook ID, other people used to create photo profiles after seeing the friends list and photos of that profile which was publicly open in Facebook profile.

Used to steal the profiles of influential people

Yadav said that on the basis of this, rich people used to steal the profile picture of the rich-looking person and use them. They used to create their Facebook fake account and send a request to their connected Facebook friend. Then on the Messenger app, the person close to that person used to ask for money and it was cheated by cheating them. The STF has arrested Sharafat Khan and Sukheen and Azru from Mathura who are residents of Mathura in the three Govardhan police station area.

70 to 80 percent were paid commissions ranging from 20 to 30 percent.
Members of Paytm account on Google used to ask for money in their account with these fraudsters on active phones in Rajasthan Circle. For this, 20 to 30% of the money was deducted and 70 to 80% of the money was returned to the fraudster.

In interrogation of STF, the accused said that because their Rajasthan colleagues prepare sim, Facebook, profiles and at the same time they take commission for creating their account in accounts like Paytm, Phone Pay. The STF team is searching for others involved in this forgery.


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