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'FAKE': Kate Middleton Spotted After Mysterious 'Disappearance' But Everyone Thinks It's Not Her – News18

‘FAKE’: Kate Middleton Spotted After Mysterious ‘Disappearance’ But Everyone Thinks It’s Not Her (Photo Credits: X)

Kate Middleton makes first public appearance post surgery but internet thinks it is ‘fake’. Here’s what they are saying.

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, allegedly graced the public eye on Monday, breaking her months-long hiatus since December last year. As per TMZ reports, the esteemed UK royal was captured near Windsor Castle, nestled on the outskirts of London. In a candid moment, the Princess of Wales was spotted seated in the passenger seat of an Audi, being driven by none other than her mother, Carole, as vividly depicted in a snapshot.

In the widely-circulated image, Kate donned chic shades, sporting a subtle yet radiant smile. Notably absent were any other kin or security detail, amplifying the intrigue surrounding her outing amidst rampant internet speculation and wild conspiracy theories regarding her mysterious whereabouts. Since her last public appearance in December, attending church services with her family, Kate had adopted a ‘strategy ‘of wearing sunglasses to evade undue attention and maintain a low profile.

According to Kensington Palace, the 42-year-old royal had been recovering at home following a “planned abdominal surgery” in January.

As anticipated, the sighting of Kate stirred up a buzz, but not solely due to her reappearance after a lengthy absence! Many online argued that the woman in the picture wasn’t Kate, pointing out discrepancies in facial features and the blurry quality of the photo, adding to the skepticism.

“That ISNT Kate in the photo as all of her face moles have magically disappeared. Running this photo in the US is stupid tactic meant to silence the Americans who have been making fun of her ALL WEEKEND,” expressed one skeptic, backing their claim with images. “I want a 5 wheel Audi like Kate Middleton…hope it’s not a car that only royals have access to,” joked another, hinting at the questionable authenticity of the picture with its seemingly extra tire.

A third commenter chimed in, “A fake or body double. Kate Middleton has a mole above her lip, right below the apple of her cheek. TMZ, Backgrid, and Carole Middleton cooked up a lie? Prince William, time to end this farce. Where is Kate Middleton?”

But the fun didn’t stop there. The internet continued to churn out memes and humorous takes on the situation!

Meanwhile, in recent days, the prolonged absence of the royal from public life has sparked speculation. While some express genuine concern, others delve into outlandish conspiracy theories, with the prevailing notion being that the royal encountered complications during her surgery and was placed in an induced coma.

Adding to the intrigue, Kate’s husband, Prince William, who recently cancelled a scheduled appearance at Windsor Castle citing a “personal matter,” has been seen attending events solo, a departure from the norm that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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