False news related to Tokyo Olympics-India spread: 3 members of the Indian team did not enter the data properly in the health app, Corona alert issued

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124 athletes from India will participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

Due to the mistake of two Indian team officials and a coach who came to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, a false alert related to Corona was issued in the sports village. It was told in the alert that 3 members of the Indian team have symptoms of Kovid. It was later discovered that this happened due to improperly entering the data in the health app provided by the organisers.

no one has got corona
Indian team’s Kovid officer Dr. Prem Verma said that no athlete or coach of the team has got corona. He said, ‘Our two officers and a coach did not do the daily entry in the health app properly. Due to this a false alert was issued.

immediate investigation of the matter
As soon as the alert was issued about 3 members of the Indian team being symptomatic, the entire matter was investigated immediately. After this the fault of the officers and the coach came to the fore. Verma said that he has told all the team members that no hesitation should be taken while entering the app. All data is inserted properly. Players, officials and coaches from all countries who have come to participate in the Olympics have to enter their body temperature daily. Apart from this, some questions have to be answered every day on the app.

Testing of all members is being done daily
Verma told that daily corona testing of all the team members is being done in the sports village. He said that if a wrong entry is made in the app, the software automatically issues an alarm. This alarm goes to the Kovid officer of each team.

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