Family members also created ruckus when Nani came in between, FIR. Relatives also created ruckus when grandmother came in between, FIR

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The Metropolitan Police is probing the matter on the instructions of the Police Commissioner.

In the New Hyderabad area of ​​Mahanagar police station area, a drug addict committed obscenity with a girl who was going to collect goods. Torn the clothes by beating on protest. Hearing the noise, the grandmother who came out of the house intervened, then the relatives who reached her house also thrashed her. Metropolitan Police is investigating the FIR registered case.

Complaint registered on the orders of the Police Commissioner
The girl, a resident of New Hyderabad, told that she was going to the grocery store on Sunday evening to buy household items.
Sunny standing on the way stopped while commenting. Started snatching on protesting. Tore the clothes by scuffling on protest.
Reaching home after escaping from him, told the incident to Nani. Nani reached to complain about this to Sunny’s father Sohan. Where he again fought with the family members.
Along with Nani went to the metropolitan police station to complain, but there was no hearing. On this, the police commissioner SB Shirdkar was informed about the incident on Monday. On whose orders the police registered the case.
According to Inspector Mahanagar KK Tiwari, the victim’s Tahrir is being investigated by registering a case against Sunny and her father Sohan under the section of molestation and assault.

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