Fan attacked Bhagyalakshmi fame actor Akash Choudhary: First took selfie with the actor, then hit him by throwing a bottle

3 minutes ago

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A shocking video of TV serial Bhagyalakshmi fame actor Akash Chaudhary has surfaced on social media, in which a fan has attacked him. In the video, a person was seen taking a selfie with him, then throwing a bottle at him and hitting him. This video is rapidly going viral on social media.

Didn’t agree even when the sky forbade

At the beginning of the video, some people were taking photos with him. Meanwhile, a man was trying to throw a bottle at him. He became a little uncomfortable and started refusing her. Akash asked him – Brother, what are you doing? But he did not agree and as soon as he came out, the person hit him from behind by throwing a bottle. Akash was seen getting angry with this action of the fan. However he was not hurt.

fans got angry
As soon as the video surfaced, people have raised objection after seeing the fan’s actions. Commenting on the video, a user wrote – Some people do not have any sense of manners at all. It is better to be a fan rather than being a fan of such things, idiot. Another wrote- Police should take action against him! Such goons should be punished immediately! #MumbaiPolice. While the third wrote – His dress and behavior revealed which community he belonged to.

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