Farmer leaders in Varanasi said – BJP did not fix it in Kanpur; censure motion passed | Farmer leaders in Varanasi said – BJP did not fix it in Kanpur; censure motion passed

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Farmers in Varanasi passed a motion of condemnation in protest against the police raid on Apna Dal President Krishna Patel’s residence in Kanpur.

Farmers’ meeting was held under the chairmanship of farmer leader Vinay Shankar Rai Munna on Friday at Rajatalab in Varanasi. In the meeting, the farmers said that the police raided the residence of Apna Dal’s national president Krishna Patel and was harassed by the police. We all strongly oppose this action and strongly condemn the misuse of government machinery by passing a motion of condemnation.

Police took away 82 year old man

Vinay Shankar Rai Munna said that the harassment being done by the BJP government due to the alliance with the SP of Krishna Patel, who is fighting for the rights and rights of Kamera society, is a mockery of democracy. Farmers and common people will give a suitable answer to this by ousting BJP from power in the upcoming elections. Vinay Shankar Rai told that police raided Krishna Patel’s residence in Kanpur late on Thursday and took away an 82-year-old old man of the family without any reason. The protest started as soon as the police got information about the harassment. As soon as he came to know about this, he was released by the police.

Income tax notice came first

Since the announcement of Apna Dal’s alliance with Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, action is being taken to abuse the government machinery continuously. As soon as the joint political campaign of Samajwadi Party and Apna Dal alliance started, pressure was created by sending notices from the Income Tax Department first. At the same time, a message was sent by the ruling party that its party should break the alliance with SP, otherwise the government would not leave.

People will answer by vote for the illegitimate action of BJP which is continuously misusing the government machinery. The meeting was mainly attended by Meva Patel, Prem Sah, Vijay Verma, Sameer Singh, Shivraj Tiwari, Vijay Gupta, Rahul Singh, Rajkumar Patel and others.

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