Farmers’ anger hurts BJP, BJP MPs and MLAs campaign too did not work | Farmers’ anger hurts BJP, BJP MPs and MLAs campaign too did not work

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Meerut4 minutes ago

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After the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, campaigning of BJP MPs and MLAs in the district panchayat elections also did not work for the supported candidates. The BJP has lost its face in most districts of West UP. The way in which the BJP’s position has been weak, it is believed that the resentment of the farmers is also a reason.

5 years ago in the district panchayat elections in Meerut, on the strength of the SP government, the chair of the post of president went to the account of the SP. But as soon as the BJP government was formed in the state, the chair of the District Panchayat President was also shaken. And on the strength of power, BJP leader Kulwinder Gurjar became the president.

Meerut has 33 wards of Zilla Panchayat. BSP has got 9 seats, BJP 6 and RLD 6 seats. In such a situation, the chair of the post of president is not easy for the BJP this time. BJP-backed candidate Meenakshi Bharala lost. The same situation was with the family of the current BJP leader. The family of SP’s strongman and former state cabinet minister Shahid Manzoor also did not get a seat in the District Panchayat member. The other SP leader Ompal Gurjar also lost. Rajendra Aggarwal, a BJP MP in Meerut, two Rajya Sabha members are also residents of Meerut. Apart from these, six MLAs belong to BJP. Even after that, the situation has been weak.

The BJP has got 13 seats out of the 43 seats of Zilla Panchayat member in Muzaffarnagar. RLD has 3 seats and BSP 3 seats. Chandrasekhar’s party Azad Samaj Party has got 6 seats. Out of 52 seats in Bulandshahr, BJP has got 10 seats while 42 have lost. Independent candidates have won 23 seats. 6 seats have been won in RLD’s account and 2 seats in SP’s account. 10 candidates of BSP have won the election. The Aam Aadmi Party got a seat.



On the other hand, BJP won 3 out of 5 seats in Noida. In Baghpat, the BJP’s position in 19 seats has been weak. Out of 49 seats in Saharanpur, BSP has got 16 seats, BJP 14, Congress 8 and Azad Samaj Party one and SP 5 seats. Bhakiyu has also got a seat. Out of 19 seats in Shamli, rld has got 5 seats, BJP four, SP two and Popular Front 2 seats.

The District Panchayat member of Bijnor also did not have good BJP position. Here SP has won 20, RLD has 4, BJP has 8, 9 independents have won. In Jhansi, SP has won 8, BJP 8, BSP three Congress one, and one Independent candidate won. BJP’s worst defeat has been in Etawah. Here SP has got 9 seats and Praspa has got 8 seats. Five independents have won. BJP and BSP have got 11 seats.

In Ghaziabad, RLD has won 4, BJP 2, SP 4, BSP three candidates. In Agra, BJP got 20 seats and BSP got 19 seats. SP has got 5 seats and RLD has 1 seat. In Mathura, BJP was reduced to 8 out of 33 seats of Zilla Panchayat members. The SP has got 13 seats for the BSP. Here, 8 candidates of Lok Dal have won.

Out of 39 seats in Moradabad, BJP got 10, SP got 11 and BSP got 12 seats. In Moradabad, no Congress candidate could win. Four independent candidates have also won here. In Bareilly, SP held 27 of the 60 seats. The BSP was reduced to 6 and the BJP remained at 12.

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