Farmer’s discus jam in Bhopal: Police pressure tactics worked; All key leaders reach Khategaon outside the city, expect less performance in the capital

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  • Kisan Andolan Madhya Pradesh Update; Bhopal Police Alert After Farmers Call Bharat Bandh Chakka Jam On 06 Feb 2021

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Bhopal10 minutes ago

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Farmers leaders were forcibly removed late night 14 days before in front of Bhopal’s Karond Krishi Upaj Mandi. – File photo

  • The non-union of organizations also led to no demonstrations in the capital.
  • Although some people are planning to jam the wheel in Berasia area.

Farmers who are opposing agricultural laws are going to jam around the country today. In many areas of Madhya Pradesh, this effect is also being seen, but in the capital Bhopal, the strategy of police pressure seems to be successful, because so far no organization has come forward to openly block the traffic. .

Farmer leaders also say that all prominent and big farmer leaders are out of the city. They are holding a mahapanchayat in Khategaon. So there is no big leader to lead the protest in the capital. So there is little chance of a discus jam or a big performance here. Although some people are in favor of jamming the wheel and they are also making a strategy for this, but the final decision has been taken after the message from the big leaders has come.

All India Revolutionary Kisan Sabha Madhya Pradesh Convenor Vijay Kumar said that there is less possibility of blockade in Bhopal at present. We are waiting for the message from above. However, there will be traffic jam in several cities including Gwalior, Indore, Datia, Dabra, Sagar, Rewa and Hoshangabad.

A mahapanchayat has also been held in Khategaon, in which all the big leaders and especially Medha Patkar are also joining. As far as Bhopal is concerned, during the last 3 protests, the police ended the force movement. The police had forcibly lifted the night when they were sitting for the last time in Mandi.

After this, the rally rally was also symbolic. The police and administration are putting a lot of pressure to end our movement. However, due to the big leaders being in Khatgaon, no decision has been taken here yet.

This was the strategy before

The city limits cover Khajuri Road, Berasia Police Station, Sukhi Sewania and Misrod Police area. The police is keeping a close watch on these four police station areas. Some leaders had planned to start with Lama Kheda of Berasia on Saturday in view of the Chakka jam. In which there was a plan for Chakka Jam. However, the plan was that if the police forcibly removed them, then there would be a sit-in. However, at present there is no such situation in the capital.

No one informed the police

ASP traffic Sandeep Dixit said that so far there is no notice of any traffic jam. Like normal days, normal traffic points have been set up in Bhopal. If there is any law and order problem, then traffic points will be changed as per the directions of the DIG. Police officials here say that so far no farmer leader or organization has given any prior information about the jamming or treadmill and has not taken permission.


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