Farmers may face crop damage due to rainfall in excess

90% kharif sowing completed in Kalaburagi district; black gram and green gram exceed target

The incessant downpour in the last two weeks has left farmers worried. Short-term kharif crops, including black gram and green gram, are said to have been flattened in several areas of the district due to rainfall in excess across the district.

Kalaburagi district recorded 327.4 mm rainfall as against a normal average of 191.9 mm from June 1 to July 21. Kalagi taluk recorded the highest rainfall of 455.3 mm against a normal rainfall of 187 mm followed by Chittapur taluk with 397 mm rainfall against a normal rainfall of 194 mm.

Chincholi received 365.9 mm rainfall against a normal of 237.2 mm rainfall, Shahabad taluk recorded 357 mm rainfall against a normal of 187 mm rainfall.

Kalaburagi recorded 321.7 mm rainfall, Kamalapur taluk 317 mm, Sedam 318 mm, Afzalpur taluk 315.6 mm and Jewargi taluk received 307 mm rainfall. Aland and Yadrami taluks received 255 mm rainfall each.

Around 90% of the targeted area for kharif crops, both in rain-fed and irrigated areas, has already been covered in the district. According to the Department of Agriculture, farmers have completed sowing in more than 6,79,710 hectares of land against the fixed target of 7,55,130 hectares for the kharif season.

Among foodgrains, pulses dominated the scenario with farmers completing sowing in 5.68 lakh hectares (93%) of land against a target of 6.12 lakh hectares.

Crops such as black gram and green gram have already exceeded the targeted area with sowing completed in 30,235 hectares (101%) and 53,892 hectares (110%), respectively. The sowing area of black gram and green gram goes up to 140% of the targeted area every season, but this time farmers have stopped sowing operations fortnight earlier than usual due to heavy rain across the district.

Cereals have been sown in 3,996 hectares (23%) as against a targeted area of 17,280 hectares and oilseeds in 19,531 hectares (50%) as against a targeted area of 39,400 hectares.

Data from the Agriculture Department revealed that Chittapur taluk has completed sowing on 95% of the targeted area, while farmers in Chincholli and Sedam taluks have covered 94% of the targeted area under kharif cultivation.

Kalaburagi taluk has achieved 89% coverage and Afzalpur taluk 88% of the targeted area, while Jewargi and Aland taluks have covered 86% each of the total targeted area, as on Tuesday.

District president of the Karnataka Prantha Raitha Sangha Sharanabasappa Mamshetty said that heavy rain over the past fortnight has caused extensive damage to standing crops of black gram, green gram and red gram in the district. Farmers in Chittapur, Chincholi, Kalagi and Shahabad taluks will be the worst affected.

Mr. Mamshetty also demanded that the district administration take up a crop damage survey immediately and extend relief to farmers.

Aland taluk president of the Sugarcane Growers Association Dharmraj Sahu said that damage could increase as rainfall is expected to last till the end of the week. Yield will also be lower this year owing to damage, he added.

A farmer from Chincholi taluk Vitalrao Kulkarni said that rain has destroyed standing crops on 60 acres of land. The farmer has cultivated red gram on 60 acres. Around nine acres of black gram and green gram have also suffered damage as the entire field remained inundated with rainwater.

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